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About Karuna Publishing: 

Karuna Publishing is a small business offering the creative products of Amara.  She sells her books, CDs, DVDs and artwork, and offers trainings in many personal growth techniques.

About Amara Wahaba Karuna :

Amara has been studying healing since 1978, seeking education in smaller schools and private trainings rather than in traditional universities.

She has been a licensed masseuse in Oregon since 1981, having studied Swedish, Esalen and deep bodywork, Polarity and pressure point techniques at the Berkeley Holistic Health Institute and Heartwood Institute. Her Hatha Yoga studies began at this time also and have continued to the present.

She studied Chinese healing, herbology, and Macrobiotics for a year and a half with Michael Tierra at the Heartwood Wholistic Health Institute.

She was trained in psychic reading, healing and meditation for two years at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and has taught numerous classes in the same since then.

She created, edited and published Heartsong Review, a resource guide for New Age spiritual music, for nine years.

She taught Re-evaluation Co-counseling, a method of peer counseling, for over five years, and has been studying and practicing it since 1983. She has led many 12 week classes, support groups and one day workshops using this style. 

In 1994 she began developing her own approach to peer counseling, called Wholistic Peer Support, integrating many ideas from RC with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing and body centered techniques.

She has studied Body Centered Counseling, Breathwork and Conscious Relationships with the Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, who wrote "The Conscious Heart" and "At The Speed of Life".

She is a minister, Sheikha (teacher) and initiator on the Sufi path (specifically the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society), and has been studying that path, which encourages honoring of all religions, since 1983. She has been on teaching staff at the Northwest Sufi Camp for over five years, teaching Dances, counseling and teen camp, and has staffed at many camps and weekends focusing on the Dances of Universal Peace. She currently serves on the worldwide International Council for the Dances of Universal Peace, and is a Mentor teacher of the Dances.

She also has led and participated in many Goddess song circles, camps and Neo-pagan rituals since 1980, being attracted to the honoring of Nature, women and the natural cycles. She helped to start two ritual groups in the Eugene area.

She has been an graphic artist and scrimshander since 1980, and has illustrated several books and magazines. She currently is producing reproductions of her art as banners and prayer flags.

One of her primary goals is to empower as many people as possible to be effective, supportive allies for each other, and to encourage people to grow emotionally and spiritually, to be free and have fun.

Comments from students:
"Your style is gentle and powerful, loving and giving permission to heal. I felt very blessed to be part of this." J. D. "Your compassion, insight and skill at unearthing emotion is inspiring." -D.S.
"I treasure the time we have had here. I want to become a healer and you have helped me take small step." J.U

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